Verbit is changing the transcription and captioning industry

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Verbit, a leading AI-powered transcription and captioning platform, has recently announced that it has raised a $250M Series E funding at a $2B valuation.

This funding will help Verbit expand its presence in the transcription and captioning industry and help them to provide more comprehensive services to users.

This latest round of funding is a testament to the success of the platform and its established position as a leader in the industry.

Overview of Verbit

Verbit is an AI-powered transcription and captioning platform that provides automated solutions for businesses, universities and media companies. With $250 million in Series E round funding and a valuation of over $2 billion, Verbit today is an industry leader in transcription and captioning technology.

Through its AI-driven platform, Verbit offers automated speech recognition technology that provides highly accurate transcriptions for multiple purposes such as recording meetings, generating captions for video content or providing subtitles for media sharing. Using natural language processing and other artificial intelligence-based technologies, the platform can identify languages with over 99% accuracy rate – unheard of compared to traditional human transcribers limited by consistently low accuracy rates.

The Verbit platform’s capabilities have helped it become a market leader in providing both structured and unstructured data for businesses, universities and media companies – such as training organizations on data input processes like filling out forms or recording qualifications related knowledge databases. It also significantly drives efficient growth, particularly in improving searchability within its Speech to Text (“STT”) services while providing reliable transcription services tailored to each customer need through its 24/7 customer support system.

What is Verbit?

Verbit is a leading AI-powered transcription and captioning platform, developed to simplify audio transcribing and captioning. Founded in 2018 by Tom Livne and Roy Raanani, Verbit utilizes AI technology, such as automated speech recognition to accurately transcribe audio content. The company has now raised $250M Series E at a $2B valuation to expand its operations.

Through its customer-centric platform, Verbit offers customers a broad portfolio of products including transcripts, closed captions, foreign language translations and summaries. Customers can submit requests across multiple media types including live streaming, podcasts and meetings. Verbit keeps customer data secure with servers in the US hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Verbit’s AI-powered system helps clients automatically generate captions for their videos or have AI perform transcriptions completed within minutes – far faster than manual transcription capabilities. In addition, the platform enables customers to analyze customer insights in real time for further research and information gathering on customer interactions with their content.

The combination of sensitivity tuning capabilities available on Verbit gives customers complete control over the quality of their transcripts and captions. Further, customers can easily convert content into other languages thanks to extensive language support from Verbit’s team of expert linguists from around the world. With insights from Verbit’s solutions, customers can increase understanding around audience engagement which enables better decision making within organizations in addition to valuable options like driverless audio search functionality which improves upon accuracy of search results based on keyword matching and context analysis when compared against manual methods.

verbit 250m series 1b juneparktechcrunch

Verbit’s Impact on the Transcription and Captioning Industry

Verbit, a leader in the transcription and captioning industry, recently announced a $250M Series E investment at a $2B valuation. This investment will be used to expand their AI-powered transcription platform, revolutionizing how businesses process audio and video content.

Let’s explore how Verbit is changing the industry and what implications this has for businesses.

How Verbit has revolutionized transcription and captioning

Verbit has had a major impact on the transcription and captioning industry with its AI-powered transcription platform. With its $250M Series E at a $2B valuation, Verbit offers businesses automated meeting transcripts, captions and subtitles to ensure the highest accuracy. This accuracy is paramount for those needing to quickly understand complex situations or process complicated audio sources on short notice.

Moreover, Verbit’s speech recognition technology helps users transcribe large audio files in minutes rather than hours or days.

Verbit’s advantage over traditional transcription services is that almost no manual post-editing is involved to create accurate transcripts or captions, making it smoother for customers and faster for business operations. In addition, with Verbit’s cutting edge natural language processing capabilities, users can capture spoken words including initial verbatim transcripts as soon as they are spoken and then update them in real time via automated algorithms that clean up grammar and syntax errors found in recordings. Plus, their artificial intelligence (AI) assisted insights provide detailed analysis of the transcript which can be used to identify trends over conversations conducted by multiple parties at different times and places.

In addition to providing immediate access to complex conversations during video conferences or other types of events based on automated transcription of audio files delivered within minutes with very little post editing required, Verbit also connects with product versions such as Slack offering third-party integrations allowing a team manager take rough transcripts right out of an internal communication tool and run them through their algorithms for more accurate output faster than before. Through these services, Verbit optimizes workflow efficiency in real-time enabling customers to succeed from all angles – from engagement to marketing efforts.

Verbit’s AI-powered transcription platform

Verbit is revolutionizing the transcription and captioning industry by introducing a comprehensive AI-powered transcription platform streamlining the entire process. Verbit leverages AI technologies and machine learning algorithms to automatically transcribe audio and video recordings in real-time. This enables organizations to transcribe large amounts of multimedia data quickly and easily. In addition, Verbit’s AI-powered technology also supports enhanced accuracy and transcription quality through speech recognition capabilities, semantic analysis, voice pattern identification, speaker recognition, keyword search support, automated punctuation insertion and more.

The company recently raised $250 million in Series E financing with a valuation of $2 billion – propelling the company forward regarding approachability, capability and scalability. Verbit is now quickly becoming an essential platform for various industries worldwide as they look to unlock new opportunities through real-time transcription with greater accuracy and speed than ever before. As such, Verbit can help organizations improve their operations from customer interactions to internal processes such as knowledge management & document storage across numerous domains including legal services, finance & banking, healthcare institutions, automotive engineering firms and more. By introducing automated transcripts using its cutting edge technology stack Verbit will soon transform how businesses interact with digital content today.

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Verbit lands $250M Series E at a $2B valuation to expand its AI-powered transcription platform

Verbit recently announced that it’s raised a $250M Series E at a $2B valuation. This investment allows Verbit to expand its AI-powered transcription platform and increase its presence in the transcription and captioning market. This financing is a major milestone for Verbit and the industry at large.

Let’s explore what this means for the transcription and captioning industry.

Verbit’s $250M Series E

Verbit, the AI-powered transcription and captioning company created to revolutionize the educational and entertainment industry, recently announced a successful Series E funding of $250 million at a 2 billion dollar valuation. The new funding will be used for further expansion in their AI-powered transcription platform and make it easier for users to search their media content.

The new funds will help the Verbit team continue to build out its suite of products that deliver top quality results, improving accuracy and transparency at a lower cost than existing solutions. This increased capital will also be utilized towards further product development, expanding its sales team, expanding global reach into new markets, strategic partnerships and building out the world’s best support team.

This Series E brings Verbit’s total funding now to approximately $400 million with notable investors being Bessemer Ventures, Viola Ventures, Entrée capital from Israel, and Tiger Global Management from the US. This newest round of fundraising solidifies Verbit’s presence as an industry leader in Transcription APIs powering real-time captions for thousands of businesses worldwide. Its vast customer base includes global partners such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Canonical Media LLC, Microsoft Office 365 and Ooyala Video Player.

Verbit’s $2B valuation

Verbit, an AI-powered transcription platform, raised a $250M Series E and achieved a $2B valuation from investors. This is their largest round of funding to date and will allow Verbit to expand their service capabilities for customers worldwide.

The additional funds will enable the company to further develop its AI-powered technology focused on improving accuracy and productivity of its transcription service. Verbit’s automated transcription tool provides up to 90% accuracy with faster turnaround times than manual services and at reduced costs. The service removes the need for people manually listening and transcribing audio/video recordings and saves clients time and money while increasing efficiency.

Verbit believes that its superior accuracy level and speed at which it can complete tasks make them ‘the most advanced transcription provider on the market today’. The majority of today’s leading companies rely on accurate optical character recognition (OCR) technology to make their business processes easier, faster, and more cost-effective which is why this round of funding from investors represents major growth for Verbit’s market offering as they strive towards becoming a global leader in transcription services.

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Verbit’s Expansion Plans

Verbit, a company that uses AI-powered transcription to revolutionize the transcription and captioning industry, recently secured a $250 million Series E funding round, allowing the company to reach a $2 billion valuation.

This capital injection will be used for Verbit’s expansion plans, which include continuing to develop its AI technologies, expanding its customer base, and furthering its strategic partnerships.

Let’s look at how Verbit plans to use its new funding.

Verbit’s plans for expansion

Verbit has announced their Series E funding of $250 million at a $2 billion valuation. This significant round of funding will help the company to propel further expansions of their AI-powered transcription platform.

Verbit’s new capital will allow them to continue expanding by bolstering human and machine intelligence, scaling its offering to more languages and dialects, creating a platform for private enterprise customers, and deepening its integration with existing partners.

Verbit will put the Series E funds towards furthering its technology to academic institutions, media companies, legal teams and businesses from various geographies. They plan on providing automated transcriptions and captioning in multiple languages worldwide while allowing customers to make quick edits thanks to Verbit’s automatic learning capabilities.

In addition, Verbit plans on leveraging new investments into AI engineering research by building on its suite of transcription capabilities that mimic language understanding application programming interfaces. It also plans to use this funding for sales development initiatives across multiple regions to reach as many businesses as possible who could benefit from its services.

This momentous announcement proves that artificial intelligence is becoming ever more predominant in advanced industry solutions and will continue being used as an innovative tool in increasing performance while saving time and money on manual labor costs. Furthermore, leveraging AI technology into transcription platforms like Verbit’s can help reduce workloads for employees while improving overall accuracy thanks to machine learning capabilities quickly becoming associated with modern day technological advancements.

How Verbit’s expansion will benefit the industry

Verbit recently announced a massive $250 million Series E funding round, valuing the company at $2 billion. This marks a major milestone for the AI-powered transcription and captioning leader and signals to the market that its expansive reach into multiple industries is paying off. In addition, Verbit’s expansion plans will benefit both companies and consumers by providing an even easier-to-use, more accurate transcription and captioning solution powered by the company’s proprietary AI technology.

Verbit’s expansion plans have several benefits for companies that haven’t yet adopted AI technology for their video and audio transcription needs. First, its transcription accuracy rate is revolutionizing the industry, as it’s often on par with human medians. As such, organizations can trust in the accuracy of their transcripts. Additionally, Verbit’s scalable platform helps them easily manage thousands of hours of audiofiles with a frictionless workflow that allows them to quickly generate subtitles or transcripts needed in multiple languages and formats – ultimately reducing turnaround times drastically compared to manual processes.

Verbit can also help customers accelerate revenue generation – using its customized layout to match various products across their platforms quickly boosts success rates when making deals with advertisers or publishers (e.g sponsored ads) by allowing them to better engage with their audiences without sacrificing accuracy or speed of delivery. Furthermore, because Verbit’s platform has native integrations into popular tools like Slack and Youtube, seamless implementation takes away much of the set-up work typically associated with a switch from manual to automatic processes, enabling customers more value out of each dollar spent on data capture related tasks for marketing efforts & customer feedback analysis purposes – increasing resources put towards core initiatives rather than administrative functions.

From a consumer standpoint, this massive funding boost will likely result in further improvements to accuracy and faster speeds when dealing with large files or multiple processing tasks simultaneously – resulting in shorter wait times before receiving content they need (or want). In addition, expanded language support further enhances global access & reach – providing easier access to subtitles/transcripts wherever there is an internet connection—making conversations accessible at any time regardless of user location which makes education & communication much simpler & less time consuming than ever before!


Verbit has created a revolutionary platform for transcription and captioning through its AI-powered technology, which has enabled them to land a massive $250 million Series E investment at a $2B valuation.

It is clear that Verbit is transforming the industry and will continue to do so in the coming years as they expand their platform.

This article has discussed why Verbit has achieved so much and the implications of their success.

Summary of Verbit’s impact on the industry

Verbit’s Series E funding is a landmark for the company, vaulting them into the ranks of companies worth $2 billion or more. This substantial investment demonstrates confidence in Verbit’s prospects and recognition of its importance in revolutionizing the transcription and captioning industry.

Verbit provides AI-powered transcription and captioning services that dramatically improve accuracy, speed and scalability compared to legacy providers. Traditional players in the transcription and captioning space require users to manually upload audio and video files, resulting in long turnaround times. Verbit streamlines this task by relying on AI that prompts quick turnaround times while producing high accuracy transcripts.

This newfound capital means Verbit can easily expand its platform capabilities while making strides towards achieving its ambitious mission statement: providing advanced accessibility solutions to everyone worldwide. Through improved accessibility, Verbit can become a one-stop shop for all aspects of transcription—from media production to web development. The goal is to ensure all content is as accessible as possible to everyone, regardless of language or ability level.

Final thoughts on Verbit’s future

The $250 million Series E financing round and associated $2 billion valuation Verbit achieved is a major achievement. Moreover, it is the largest single investment in the history of transcription and captioning industry, highlighting the strong demand for Verbit’s AI-enabled solutions.

This new influx of capital ensures that Verbit can continue to power innovative features for its customers, such as its real-time, automated speech recognition and intelligent processes that can identify every individual speaker, segment recordings into speakers tracks, detect false starts and pauses, transcribe audio files with perfect accuracy, and more. What customers get from Verbit is an unprecedented level of speed and precision to produce high quality transcripts within minutes.

Verbit’s technology has changed how organizations and professionals work with audio transcription & captioning services. Its rise over the past several years proves this market has significant potential and investor confidence will only help it reach its goals. As one of the fastest growing players in language processing today, there’s no doubt that Verbit has a very exciting future ahead of it.

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