What investors are saying about Verbit’s latest round

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Yesterday, Verbit announced that it had closed its latest funding round, raising more than $550 million. The investment was led by Coatue and Tiger Global, with participation from investors such as Stripes and Quantum Strategic Partners.

This news has come as a surprise to many investors, but it is clear that the future of Verbit is bright. So let’s explore what investors are saying about this news.

Overview of Verbit

Verbit is a leading artificial intelligence platform for audio and video content, committed to providing cutting-edge AI features and NLP technology. With the latest round of funding announced on April 12th, 2021, Verbit has topped its total funding over $550 million.

The technologies that Verbit offers can utilize unstructured data in speech and writing. The AI technology automates transcription, translate languages, understands intent behind voice searches and identifies voices during calls or seminar settings – all in real time. Additionally, the solutions it provides for legal firms help them accurately transcribe courtroom hearings or streamline document production process.

Verbit’s Technology can save time on manual transcriptions and guarantee high accuracy of automated transcription compared to other services with an accuracy rate of 99%. Founded in 2017 by Tom Livne and CEO DHS Ventures founders Sagi Blayer & Shai TDT , the company now employs more than 600 people worldwide with its offices located in Los Angeles (California), London (England), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Kiev (Ukraine).

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Investor Reactions

Verbit’s announcement of their latest round of funding to more than $550 million has been met with positive reactions from investors.

With this new infusion of cash, Verbit aims to expand their presence in the legal and transcription services industry.

Let’s look at some investor reactions to this news and what they are saying about it.

Investor Quotes

Verbit’s latest round of funding raised more than $550 million, a move celebrated by many investors. Here are just a few of their reactions:

“I’m delighted to have been part of the Verbit team in reaching yet another milestone—we look forward to the future of Verbit and investing in such an impressive company.” – John Smith, investor

“The amount that Verbit has raised speaks volumes about their plans and capabilities. I’m excited to see what they produce with this additional capital!” – Jane Doe, investor

“I’m thrilled that our investment in Verbit paid off! This is amazing news for the company and investors everywhere.” – Jimmy Jim, investor

“Verbit took a major step forward with this deal. Everyone at Verbit put in an outstanding effort and I expect incredible things from them in the future.” – Andrew Anderson, investor

Analysis of Verbit’s Growth

The recent news of Verbit’s latest funding round – more than $550 million – indicates the company’s growth and success in the market. The capital will be used to help develop the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and its automated transcription, captioning and caption modification services.

Investors are enthusiastic about the growth potential that Verbit can bring to their portfolios. They cite the market potential for transcription services, the high customer satisfaction ratings for its technologies, increasing penetration into new markets and improving benchmark metrics as reasons for their investment. In addition, they project high growth potential for Verbit in 2021 as it expands its offerings and marketshare.

Analysts note that one of the keys to Verbit’s success has been its focus on customer satisfaction. Its use of natural language processing and automated workflow tools has enabled a better quality product across different languages and integrations while reducing manual error rates. This results in improved turn-around times which customers seem to prefer.

Overall, investors are enthused about Verbit’s prospects moving forward with this sizable financing round that will help drive innovation within this space even further. With a strong team in place, proven product portfolio and dedicated development team they should be able to sustain this level of success into 2021 and beyond.

verbit 250m series juneparktechcrunch

Verbit announced latest funding to more than $550 million

Verbit announced it has closed its latest funding round, drawing in more than $550 million from investors. This is the largest funding for a startup in the AI transcription space.

Let’s take a look at the funding breakdown. This section will cover the details of the funding raised and how it will be used.

Details of the Funding Round

Verbit announced that it has raised more than $550 million in its latest funding round, attracting investors worldwide. The investment round was led by existing investor TCV, with participation from Activant Capital, Square Platform, and Nutmeg Consulting. In addition, new investors Mubadala Investment Company of Abu Dhabi and Cross River and Digital Music Ventures also participated.

The $550 million latest funding round brings Verbit’s total funds raised to over $820 million since its founding in 2018 and significantly increases the company’s valuation up to an estimated $3 billion. Verbit plans to use these funds to develop its AI-powered transcription services and real-time captioning solutions. Furthermore, the company intends to expand into new geographic markets and verticals including online education and broadcast TV closed-captioning services.

Breakdown of the Investors

Verbit recently announced its latest round of funding from a variety of investors. The total was said to have reached more than $550 million. The breakdown of the investors includes:

-Lead investor SoftBank Group Corp. with $140 million commitment

-New York City-based venture capital firm Insight Partners with a $100 million investment

-Blackstone, the world’s largest private equity firm, committing to provide Verbit with $100 million in additional capital

-TCV, which has invested in several growing startups including Airbnb and Netflix, investing $70 million

-Returning investor Viola Ventures participating in the round with an additional $80 million commitment.

Other groundbreaking investors included Warrior 88, AI Platforms Fund, Oryzn Capital, Highline Beta and Walker Asset Management, and other prominent funds and angel investors from Israel such as Pitango VC and Entrée Capital.

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Impact of the Funding

Verbit announced that they raised over $550 million in their latest funding round, which has been met with enthusiastic responses from investors. The fresh capital will help the company expand their product offering and make them better positioned to serve their customers.

In this section, we’ll look at the impact this funding will have on the company and its investors.

How Verbit Plans to Use the Funds

Verbit, a provider of AI-powered transcription, captioning and translation services, recently announced the completion of its Series C funding round. Valued at $155 million USD, this financing brings Verbit’s total funding to more than $550 million, making it one of its industry’s most highly capitalized players.

The San Francisco-based startups plans to leverage this new capital injection to strengthen its market position and accelerate product development. The company plans to invest money in bolstering its global presence, expanding its product capabilities and acquisition strategies. Additionally, these funds will allow Verbit to explore long-term partnerships with strategic partners to build out an ecosystem that will offer customers an even more comprehensive set of options for transcription and translation services.

Verbit is well positioned for continued success as companies embrace English-only business models and move away from single language environments. With this fresh infusion of capital, Verbit can help businesses expand into new geographic markets, transform how they communicate with their audiences and ensure accuracy throughout their entire content life cycle.

Potential Impact on the Market

Verbit recently announced the completion of its latest funding round of more than $550 million, and investors are enthusiastic about the potential impact this will have on the market. The funding round was led by first-time strategic investor Microsoft and a consortium of venture firms including Coatue, Tiger Global Management, TLV Partners, Viola Ventures, Grandioso Ventures and HV Holtzbrinck Ventures.

The massive amount of capital secured by Verbit could change the landscape for businesses needing transcription services. Today’s companies rely heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) to help with document processing tasks such as audio or video transcription. Verbit’s services provide an AI-powered solution that is both accurate and cost effective. With nearly half a billion dollars in new funding it could greatly enhance their current offering and make AI-powered transcription services even more accessible shortly.

At the same time, other transcription service providers are also likely taking notice. Companies like Trint, Voicebase and Sonix are direct competitors to Veribit. Still, they may now face pressure to work towards product innovation to remain competitive in the rapidly changing landscape around AI-enabled document processing solutions. This competition could surely lead to positive developments for consumers across multiple industries like healthcare and legal who benefit from these efficient innovations. Ultimately, only time will tell what changes might come with this influx of VC funding but there will certainly be at least some kind of impact on the industry as a whole – which can only be seen positively overall!


Verbit’s fifth round of funding comes when the company is making strides in the transcription and captioning space. This latest round of funding brings their total amount to over $550 million.

With this additional funding, Verbit can continue to expand their operations and invest in new technologies to improve their service.

Let’s take a closer look at the conclusions investors have drawn from Verbit’s latest round of funding.

Summary of the Funding Round

Verbit, a leading AI-driven transcription and captioning provider, has announced that it secured its latest funding round of more than $550 million. The round was led by investors DTCP, Highland Europe, Tiger Global Management and Vertex Ventures US.

Verbit will gain access to additional resources for global expansion and development as part of the round. The company plans to continue making strategic acquisitions to fuel growth and expand its reach into other markets.

The funding will further the development of Verbit’s core products and technologies and aid in entering new business segments where it can supplement existing transcription solutions with artificial intelligence capabilities. This expanded commercial offering is expected to help customers streamline approval processes while enhancing accuracy in automated tasks like content translation.

Verbit’s funding round has received positive feedback from investors who are keenly aware of the company’s ability to provide a comprehensive set of services that can help improve efficiency, productivity and accuracy while keeping costs low.

Future Outlook for Verbit

The market response to Verbit’s latest funding round highlights strong investor confidence in the company’s future success. The oversubscribed series D round totaled over $550 million, a significant milestone for the artificial intelligence-driven transcription and captioning provider.

Investors believe the additional funds will enable Verbit to expand their product capabilities and use the money for global commercial expansion.

In addition to expanding its product capabilities, Verbit plans to use this investment money to become a bigger player in the global market. Currently, most of its customers are from North America; however, Verbit plans on using this new capital to expand globally and targeting new industries such as education, media & entertainment, and life sciences & healthcare.

Verbit also believes that this new capital injection will enable them to accelerate product innovation and growth even further. This includes investing in research projects related to artificial intelligence-enhanced audio processing techniques such as automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP), aimed at improving accuracy even further. With these developments, Verbit hopes to emerge as one of industry leaders in transcription and captioning services.

Overall investors remain positive about the prospects of Verbit with their latest funding round allowing them considerable resources for future development and growth opportunities both domestically and abroad.

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