What Can We Expect from the New Season of League of Legends?

You may be wondering, when is season 9 of League of Legends going to start? With every new season comes new rewards, changes in the game, and excitement for the community.

Find out all the details you need to know so you can prepare for all the exciting changes coming with League of Legends season 9!

Introduction to League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is an online multiplayer game that is played by millions of people worldwide. It is a free-to-play game, available on Windows and macOS. In this game, players take on the role of a “champion” with unique abilities and battle against a team of other champions. The goal is to destroy the enemy team’s base while defending their own.

Apart from the standard game mode, the game also offers several different modes like ARAM, TFT, etc. Now coming to the question, Season 9 of League of Legends began on January 23, 2019, and ended on November 19, 2019. As of now, the official start date for Season 10 is yet to be announced, but based on previous years, it is expected to start in January 2020. So, players are eagerly waiting for the new season to begin and to experience new gameplay, champions, and exciting features.

What is Season 9?

Season 9 is the current season of the popular multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends. It started on January 23, 2019, and is expected to last for approximately 10 months. In Season 9, players compete in ranked matches to increase their Skill Rating and climb through the seven tiers of the game’s ranking system. The tiers, from lowest to highest, are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Challenger.

At the end of the season, players who have reached certain tiers and divisions receive rewards, such as special in-game icons and skins. It’s important to note that the end date for Season 9 has not been officially announced yet. However, based on previous seasons, it’s likely to end sometime in late October or early November 2019.

League of Legends When Does Season 9 Start

League of Legends’ Season 9 is set to start on January 23, 2019. This season will bring about a host of changes, including new champions, reworks, and in-game features. Players can expect season rewards to be distributed at the end of the season based on their rank and progress. As the new season approaches, players can prepare by sharpening their skills and mastering the new changes that will come with the season.

Changes in Season 9

The 9th season of League of Legends began on January 23, 2019, and ended on November 19, 2019. During this season, players witnessed several changes in the game, from champion reworks to gameplay adjustments.

Some of the significant changes in Season 9 include:

  • Aatrox, Akali, Irelia, and Urgot received extensive gameplay reworks.
  • Turret plating was introduced, which gave champions a gold bonus for taking down and damaging the enemy turrets.
  • The Conqueror rune was reworked, making it more viable for fighters and tanks.
  • The Ranked System was updated, introducing new tiers and divisions and removing the traditional League Point system.

As Season 9 is over, players are eagerly waiting for the announcement of Season 10 and the changes that will come with it.

Rewards for Season 9

Season 9 of League of Legends has now ended, and players are excited to know about the rewards they can expect to receive for their performance. As usual, the rewards depend on the player’s rank at the end of the season.

Here are the rewards players can expect:

  • Iron, Bronze, and Silver: A profile insignia.
  • Gold: Profile insignia, Victorious Ward Skin, Victorious Lucian skin.
  • Platinum and above: Profile insignia, Victorious Ward Skin, Victorious Lucian skin, Victorious Chromas.

Strategies for Season 9

Season 9 of League of Legends started on January 23, 2019, and will run until November 19, 2019. To succeed in Season 9, players should focus on developing these key strategies:

1. Mastering new champions – With new champions being added at regular intervals, take time to master them by practising and learning their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Keeping up with patches – Keeping up with regular patches and changes to the game is crucial. Read patch notes thoroughly to stay informed and adapt your gameplay accordingly.

3. Focusing on objectives – In Season 9, teams that prioritize taking objectives like Dragon and Baron will have an upper hand. Make sure to focus and coordinate with your team to achieve objectives.

4. Improving situational awareness – Knowing when to engage and disengage during team fights is a critical skill. Improve situational awareness by playing more games and learning from mistakes.

Tips for New Players

For new players starting out in League of Legends, there are several tips to keep in mind to make the experience more enjoyable and successful.

1. Focus on learning a few champions well before trying to master every champion in the game.

2. Play through the tutorial and introductory games to get a basic understanding of the game mechanics.

3. Take your time and don’t rush into high-level gameplay before you’re ready.

4. Communicate with your team and don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.

5. Practice last hitting minions to improve your gold income and ability to buy better items.

In terms of the starting date for Season 9, it began on January 23, 2019. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the game! In conclusion, the start date for Season 9 of League of Legends has not yet been officially announced by Riot Games.

However, based on previous years’ schedules, it is expected to begin in early January 2019. As the game continues to evolve and improve with new champions, maps, and game modes, players can look forward to an exciting new season with a fresh start and new challenges.

It is important to stay updated on any official announcements or information from Riot Games regarding the start of the season. So keep an eye out for updates and get ready to climb the ranks in Season 9!

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